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Are You a Bold Speaker?

I have been booking and coaching professional speakers since 1982. And here is what I have observed:

  • The best speakers do not fill the air with a lot of words -- they make the space for their audience to tell them what they need to know.
  • The best speakers ask, "What do you need to really hear from me to give you what you came to hear?"

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Dear speakers, coaches, authors, business professionals, and students,

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • How do I prepare a speech that people need to hear?
  • What have I earned the right to speak about?
  • What makes me unique?
  • How do I personalize my stories to connect with my audience?
  • Can I take a risk by being truly authentic?

As your coach, I will help you answer these questions. You will benefit from my twenty-five plus years in working with over 1500 professional speakers. I want to help you speak like a pro... in a short time!

Let me coach you on what the speaking pros know . . . that to become a polished speaker, you must know your subject matter, prepare and organize your material, and practice , practice, practice. Read my articles on “fear of public speaking”. Be sure to read “Speak Like a Pro for Profit” - 101 tips on how to be more inspirational, persuasive, entertaining, motivational and more.

Or are you a person who fears public speaking? People who fear public speaking visualize their upcoming speaking opportunities as abysmal failures. Do you visualize your presentation as an opportunity to fail? Do you see yourself fumbling with your note cards, perhaps stammering or pausing too long, and turning red from embarrassment?

And are you willing to accept that mistakes are going to happen sometimes, and want some tips NOW to develop the ability to recover from them quickly? Then I want to work with you. I will provide you with a customized program to help you speak like a pro... in a short time!

Whether you are

  • A corporate executive who wants to be a more natural speaker. Read more
  • A lawyer who is looking to become more effective in the courtroom
  • Clergy who are hoping to better compel your congregation

  • "I often even get people telling me how calm and relaxed I look when I'm in a public speaking setting. Imagine that! Many of the fundamental principles you passed on to me have really helped."
    - Steve Bunyard
    Minister, Rolling Hills Covenant Church

  • A non-native speaker of English who wishes to improve speaking skills

  • "Dear Ms. Schrift, "I want to thank you for your time and effort last Saturday to attend the " mock interview" with several students. I appreciated the constructive criticism that you gave to me and feedback at the end of the interview. I will remember to project my voice and work on slowing down when I speak. Even though I may feel nervous, I will to my best to not let that feeling show. I also learned not to be so anxious and just believe in myself. I will take a deep breath before I speak. With more practice, I will become a better speaker. I will take your words of wisdom with me in life."
    - My Linh Nguyen, student at the Preuss High School in La Jolla, CA

  • A shy person who wants to lose your vocal inhibitions

  • "I liked how you took us to St. Paul’s Manor to talk with the Senior residents. It helped me to create a conversation with people I had never met before. You also taught me how to include emotion when I speak. Thank you for being a great coach.”
    - G Soundararajan

  • A student who wants to overcome the fear of giving a speech. See “fear of public speaking”.
  • A student who wants to communicate better with others

  • "Coach Sandra brought my hidden conversational skills closer to the surface. I feel that I have loosened up so that I can make better conversations these days. In school, I participate more and am not afraid to express my point of view with the teachers. I appreciated the many e-mails you sent to view different speeches on YouTube”
    - P Soundararajan

    "Sandra is a great speech coach. My quiet introverted teenage sons have improved quite a bit in their communication skills since going to Sandra. Their report cards from school always had the comment – ‘can improve in class communication’. I don’t expect to see that now after Sandra’s coaching. Sandra worked around their interests and took into account their everyday lives in trying to improve their speaking skills. Her promptness in following up is unparalleled. It is hard to not develop a good relationship with Sandra.”
    -S Soundararajan

    As your coach, I will help you answer these questions. You will benefit from my twenty-five plus years in working with over 1500 professional speakers. I want to help you speak like a pro... in a short time!

What clients are saying

"The presentation went well - I used many of your techniques to create a sense of calmness. The breathing is key! Although I started out a bit nervous and quickly settled into a comfort zone. I was on for 1 hour start to finish - went by fast so I must have been having fun! Thanks again for all your help."

Jay Veltz
Product designer
Veltz Design

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